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3D Unblock Car

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3D Unblock Car

Unblock Car 3D is a simple but addictive puzzle game presented in the form of a three-dimensional version of the classic arcade game Unblock Car. The aim is to solve congestion and parking problems by moving yellow cars through the chaos. It is presented as a free-to-play, open-source game for iOS and Android devices. How to play: The goal is to get the red blocks on the board by pushing the yellow blocks out of the way. What you need to do: You need a red car to get you to the exit, and a yellow car with the same number of blocks. How to play: You are looking for a red car with a yellow block on it and an exit gate, as well as a way for the red car to "get" to an exit gate. What you need to do: Unlock Car 3D is a simple but addictive puzzle game, and it's about figuring out how to escape. The goal is to solve the traffic jam of cars and parking lots by getting the yellow cars out of the chaos. We specialize in creating high-quality brain teasers to confuse and endure the rigors of the game. Open the stick puzzle box, pull out wooden puzzle pieces and test your puzzle solving skills with Unblock 3D. Slide the blocks, feel the hand - made cuts, open and open the puzzle boxes, open and close the puzzle pieces, slide blocks in and out of the boxes.



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