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Diep io Unblocked Game

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Diep io Unblocked Game

GAME INFO Unblocked Game is a cool multiplayer in which you can experience exciting battles in a colorful world in a small tank. Shoot balls and rectangles at your opponents, subtract life points, and finally send them to the eternal hunting grounds. It is important to always keep an eye on the experience you get for destroyed objects. Get faster, more agile, stronger and more robust and play your way up the high score list. In it is again important to shoot as many other tanks as possible, the so-called tanks, with your own copy and thereby bring it to a higher level.  Diep IO Unblocked at school game You start with a standard tank that can fire from a gun barrel. Level yourself up and become a smasher who can ram other tanks. Upgrade your tanks! When will you reach the booster level? Can you make it to the fighter and can use a machine gun that can be landed quickly? If your tank is a sniper type, it shoots faster than average, a trapper has multiple launch tubes.



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