Diep io Unblocked Game

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Diep io Unblocked Game

Diep.io Unblocked game In the free-to-play browser and mobile game Diep.io, you control a small tank with which you shoot down geometric shapes and other players. In the free-to-play skill Diep.io unblocked game, you take control of a tank and fight with players from all over the world. As in the popular browser and mobile game Agar.iothe playing field reminds of checkered paper. There are small yellow squares, red triangles, and other geometric shapes scattered all over the field. By pressing the space bar (in the browser version) or tapping the screen of your smartphone or tablet in the app, you fire bullets that are the same color as your tank. Diep.IO unblocked at school game Whenever you hit one of the shapes, a life bar appears and as soon as it is empty, the figure disappears. For each eliminated shape, you will receive experience points. If you have collected enough of them, you can move up the level and strengthen your guns.


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