Hole.io Unblocked Game

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Hole.io Unblocked Game

Hole.io unblocked game is a free online multiplayer survival game in which you have to control a black hole that absorbs all objects on the screen. You can play it for free and online at this site. Move the hole through the whole city, in which there are players from all over the world. Absorb everything that gets in your way and get bigger and bigger. You can only suck in things that are smaller or the same size as your black hole io unblocked. Try not to get sucked in by bigger players and increase your points and get as big as possible. You can even absorb entire buildings. Try to get as big as possible within the given time. Complete various tasks to unlock new skins. Share this game on social media and become the first 20 times in a row to buy as many upgrades as possible. You only have 2 minutes to get first place in the ranking. In the fun Hole IO unblocked game, you can even suck in other players to get even more points. Have fun with Hole IO!


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