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Jurassic Sniper

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Jurassic Sniper


It includes a super dinosaur shooting park and has a mode that had its fair share of the success of the 3D Jurassic Park series. You need a powerful arsenal of shooter strategies to kill the dinosaurs, and you have to show your hunting skills in each level. You kill a certain number of dinosaurs for a limited time, so you need your powerful weapons and your experienced shooters and strategies to win. Join an elite shooter who has to deal with the relentless Thunder Lizards in this action game, supported by a team of experienced hunters and a powerful arsenal of weapons and strategies. This game contains scenes from popular books and movies and features many running and evasive games. 3D Jurassic Sniper included many of the most popular characters from the Jurassic Park series of games, such as T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus rex, T. Rex and many more. It has a large number of characters, many of whom have their own special abilities and abilities. Feel free to explore the wiki and contribute to get more information about Fortnite and other 3D shooter games in general, as well as about the game itself. Jurassic Sniper is best shooting game.



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