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GAME INFO Game Unblocked is an open world, multiplayer game in which you control a small animal in a sandbox world to the top of the food chain. You start out as a little mouse, so eat as much as you can to transform yourself into a bigger animal, otherwise, you too will become prey. You can hide to be safe, but make sure you have enough water and food before you go. You can't win this Battle Royal on an empty stomach. The food chain is unscrupulous and shows no mercy. Have fun with unblocked game! Game controls: movement - mouse, acceleration - left mouse button, shooting water - right mouse button, sinking under the water - W How long can you survive in this cute io game? Control this little mouse as it tries to collect food and water. Can you protect her from the other rodents so that she can grow big and strong? - move the mouse over the playing field, collect red wheels, which change into the other animals and the other players eat.



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