NeonJong 3D – Unblocked Free Game Play! ** NEW **
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NeonJong 3D – Unblocked Free Game Play! ** NEW **

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NeonJong 3D – Unblocked Free Game Play! ** NEW **

3D neon style mahjong. Match 2 of the same free neon dice. Dice are free if they have two free sides next to each other. You can rotate your view. Play Neonjong 3D online for free - NeonJong 3D Unblocked Game - great HTML5 games for your computer, iPad, iPhone, tablet, or mobile phone. You can play all games online for free without registration or download!

A 3D Mahjong game. You have to turn to find matching parts. Each repeater tile is shuffled so you can have unlimited fun. Combine the NeonJong 3D Unblocked Game tiles in 3D. Your goal is to remove all tiles (cubes) to pass each level. Tiles are "free" and can be selected if 2 adjacent sides are free. Combine the tiles to remove them. You can also tap the arrows at the bottom of the screen or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate the level and find more tiles. There are 40 levels in total. Have fun!  


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