Smash Karts IO Unblocked Game ** NEW BEST **
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Smash Karts IO Unblocked Game ** NEW BEST **

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Smash Karts IO Unblocked Game ** NEW BEST **

Smash Karts Unblocked Game is a cool multiplayer game in which you can fight numerous opponents in a kart in the arena. Control your GoKart in this exciting io game with WASD or the arrow keys and use the space bar to fire your weapons. Each round in Smash Karts IO lasts 3 minutes, in which you can kill as many opponents as possible. Grab different weapons like submachine guns, rocket launchers, and mines and you're good to go! Blow up as many opponents as possible, stay alive, and play Smash Karts online for free. Smash Karts Unblocked Game is a new online multiplayer IO game in which we will compete against players from all over the world in this karting battle. You'll need to take surprise boxes to get a thrown weapon that you can use to add casualties to your marker. This deathmatch has a time limit for each player to try to make as many eliminations as possible and thus improve the ranking. At the end of time, the player who has amassed the most deaths wins and you can take revenge in a new round of this fun game of Smash Karts IO. Enjoy the game Smash Karts IO, it's free, it's one of the .io games we've selected.  



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