Uno Unblocked Game

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Uno Unblocked Game

Number cards
There are 108 cards in total. Number cards make up 70% of the total deck, with four colors containing 19 cards each. The cards have numbers from 0-9. As for the amount of each card, there is one zero card and two of each other number. The remaining 30% of the cards are called action cards and wild cards.

Action cards
Action cards add an extra level of strategy to the Uno. There are three types of action cards in an Uno deck. There are two of each action card of each suit. These:

Pass - the next player passes without playing the hand.
Change direction - reverses the game direction.
Draw 2 cards - the next player draws two cards and passes without playing that hand. wild cards
There are two types of wild cards, four each. Them:

Wild - allows the player to choose which color to play. Wild Draw 4 - Declare the next color to match and force the next player to draw four cards.


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