Wormate.io Unblocked Game ** 2021 NEW **
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Wormate.io Unblocked Game ** 2021 NEW **

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Wormate.io Unblocked Game ** 2021 NEW **

Wormate.io Unblocked Game, Crawl to delicious sweets in Wormate.io! This multiplayer game challenges you to eat cakes, candies, and cookies and grow. You can overtake other worms to trap them. Find magic potions to activate special abilities and become the heaviest worm in the arena! The worms in this Wormate.io Unblocked Game are fucking hungry. Control one of them and stuff it with all kinds of delicacies like donuts and sweets! Is your worm getting bigger and stronger than everyone else? But it has to grow fast in order to survive because you compete against players from all over the world. In the new browser-based multiplayer online io game Wormate io unblocked, you control a worm. The rules of the game are the same as the previous two games, only to grow you need to eat candy, donuts, and cakes. Enjoy and share it with your friends!  



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